Power rack Bodycraft F430


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Power rack Bodycraft F430

Stand for the weight of the bar. Specialists also call it the “Power Basket”. The power rack is designed for serious strength training with a high margin of safety. Vertically adjustable limiters permit arm and leg exercises with a weight bar without partner’s help. In addition, you can add a spinal block and crossover, as well as bars. Max. permissible load  for this product is 540 kgs.

Frame profile size: 75 x 45 cm

Frame wall size: 2.5 mm

Additional options:

  • parallel array simulator Crossovers F 434 – price € 485 .
  • additional handle F 432 – price per pair € 21.
  • additional bar holders F 433 – price per pair € 33.
  • weight stacks F 431 (total weight 91 kg) – price € 310.
  • option for training back muscles (by adding weight plates) F 431 – price € 310.

Dimensions after adding the options:

  • Rack with Lat Attachment (LxWxH)– 162 x 124  x 210 cm
  • Rack with Cable Crossover (LxWxH) – 187 x 259 x 210 cm
  • Rack with Cable Crossover and Lat (LxWxH) – 218  x 259 x 210 cm

About the manufacturer

BodyCraft® was founded in 1994 on three simple foundations: delivering a high quality product for the consumer; making every machine fulfill multiple purposes; and putting it all together at an affordable price. Our passion is creating the ultimate in safety, variety, design, and affordability. Every Bodycraft machine is built to fulfill each of those purposes!

Each Bodycraft machine is built to be fun and motivating – helping you build a better you with each workout. We only supply products that we use in our own homes. In fact, many of our products can be found in the homes of our team!

While our designs have often been accepted as standard in the fitness industry, our ideas are proprietary and protected by patents. When you buy direct from Bodycraft, you’ll never have to worry about quality – no matter how much you use your equipment, it’s built for a lifetime. We never compromise quality for price – and our warranties are proof of our commitment to you! Don’t be fooled by a copy – only a Bodycraft machine is built to last.

Bodycraft Website

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Additional information

Weight 91 kg
Dimensions 132 × 125 × 206 cm

Body Craft

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