Multipress leverage MT-LA-MP-20




Multipress leverage MT-LA-MP-20

  • Included: multipress and abdominal training option.

Lever-arm multi press with alternating lever arms from the new series MegaTec
Expandable with mounting option for various device options 
(see below)

With this multi-press the popular pressing exercises for chest and shoulder muscles can be performed particularly effectively,
and can be comfortable and safe graduated.
The alternating lever arms have over one piece rigid levers, which is a great advantage, because then both sides of the body
must provide the exact same power, whereby a disharmonious development in strength and muscle size is counteracted successfully!

  • Optimum ergonomics and top feature.
  • Stable construction.
  • Simple and easy to handle.
  • Excellent biomechanics, ideally suited for carrying out fundamental exercises like bench press,
    incline bench press, neck press and decline bench press.
  • Alternating lever arms with 2 types of handle, 11-way adjustable in fine 50 mm grid in height
    and thus optimally positioned for each exercise.
  • With extra parking position and adjustment of the lever arms, for advanced variety of exercises and greater ease of use.
  • With Ø 30 mm Weight Plate recording as standard, optional for Ø 50 mm available.
    (tip: Order the  Adapter for  Ø 50 mm  simply directly)
  • Firmly connected with the multi-bank RAS.
  • Back 15-fold adjustable in inclination of -10 ° (negative) to 82 °.
  • Pivoting reinforcing brace for heavy loads in the flat position.
  • Seat can be adjusted in 3 angles.
  • By Scooter Adjustment system RAS the bank is located after the tilt adjust automatically always in
    the correct position to the lever arms, these must be adjusted only to the appropriate height to
    maintain an optimum workout. This works for all exercises of negative bench press to neck Press.
  • The seat height is reduced depending on the inclination angle of the backrest by up to 10 cm.
    The lower seat height is an advantage when inclined bench and shoulder presses as with various dumbbell exercises
    This offers clear advantages in terms of safety and handling.
  • When the lever arms are brought into the parking position, Multibank is practically freely accessible and can
    then be used for a variety of common free weight exercises.
  • Load capacity up to 400 kg /250 kg.
  • With front-tube adapter to accommodate various optional accessory equipment.
    for the workout of your legs, chest, arm, shoulder and abdominal muscles.
  • With protective non-slip rubber feet – with floor-saving design.

Additional information

Weight 81 kg
Dimensions 202 × 130 × 94 cm


Maximum capacity

400 kg



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