About Sporta Sistēmas

Gym equipment trade is our company’s main focus since year 2001, which is the reason why we are able to offer a wide range of gym equipment for the use at home and professional gyms. At our location in Riga we have two large storage places, where we  have more than 100 different types of gym equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, multifunctional gym equipment and also different kinds of  bars, weight plates, dumbbells, benches and racks in stock.

We have signed contracts with Spirit, Bodycraft, First Degree Fitness, Flow Fitness, Ffittech, Sportop, PX-Sport, Insight and ATX  about  exclusive distribution rights in the Baltic states, which gives us the possibility to operate without intermediaries and; therefore, offer competitive prices to our customers for highest quality service and warranty from our producers.



American cardio equipment producer SPIRIT is one of the main players in the market with professional experience of 30 years. Since 2013 SIA Sporta Sistēmas  is an official SPIRIT brand distributor in all Baltic states. This brand has earned a world wide recognition and is currently sold in over 40 countries. Some of the reasons why our clients choose SPIRIT equipment are its quality, design and functionality, which combined with its good price and warranty, compete well  with other recognizable brands.


BODYCRAFT is an American strength equipment producer that SIA Sporta Sistēmas has established dealership rights in Latvia, Estonia and Finland. BODYCRAFT gym equipment stands out with its excellent quality for home gym equipment and ergonomic values, which come together with the best price currently offered in the market for high end home strength equpment.


SPORTOP is a cardio equipment brand produced by an American-Taiwanese company IVIVA. This brand is know for its affordable and quality cardio equipment for light commercial use and use at home. Sporta Sistēmas SIA has established dealership rights with IVIVA in Latvia  since 2009.


PX-SPORT is a large and well known producer of dumbbells, plates and bars, whose production meets high quality standards and is fully certified by all European standards. Sporta Sistēmas SIA has established exclusive distribution rights to provide PX-SPORT production in the Baltic states.


Since year 2016 we work with strength equipment manufacturer INSIGHT, whose products are widely represented in the U.S. fitness equipment market. INSIGHT offers quality, which is very much appreciated and many well-known brand marketers prefer to buy INSIGHT products directly and resell them with their own logo in the European market.


ATX is a high quality strength equipment brand from a German functional fitness manufacterer IFS-Sports. Equipment offered by IFS-Sports meets the highest quality standards and are certified for use by professional athletes. Sporta Sistēmas SIA became the distributor of IFS-Sports in 2016 and offers not only ATX weight equipment brand, but also other brands, such as Megatec (for professional training at home) and Barbarian (for professional training).

Experience and Multifunctional Service

Our technical staff provides professional help from project documentation to exploitation. We have completed many professional gym hall projects in places like Zemgales Olympic hall, Latvian Olympic team hall, Inbox and Volvo ice-skating halls, Sport clubs ‘KL’ and ‘Sabina fitness’, Riga tehcnical university, Agricultural university;  in several high schools in Riga: Zolitudes, 10., 55., 95. and in guest houses ‘Medzābaki’ and ‘Usmas kempings’, hotels ‘Islands’ and ‘ABC’, Rezeknes teenage center ‘Zīmulis’, sport halls in Talsi, Grobiņa, Ludza and other places.