If you are unsure which product would be the most appropriate for you, or if you wish to gain more knowledge on how to operate a product you have purchased from us, in this section you can find the necessary information about the product characteristics and technical capabilities.

Separate instructions are also available on the product pages.

If you still wish to find more information, please call 67845794, or e-mail, and we will be glad to help you.


Rowing Machines

Flow Fitness RTX 800 – (Download)

Flow Fitness DMR 500 – (Download)

Sportop R 700 – (Download)


Skrejceļa kopšanas instrukcija – (Download)

Proteus CBM 2040 – (Download)

Proteus LDT 7860 – (Download)

Proteus Lohas T 1 – (Download)

Proteus TRIO T 4 – (Download)

Strengthmaster AI 680 – (Download)

Strengthmaster MI 310x – (Download)

Strengthmaster Mi 410x – (Download)

Strengthmaster TR 1200 – (Download LV) (Download RU)

Spirit XT 385 – (Download)

Sportop ST 6870 – (Download LV) (Download RU)


Proteus V 6 – (Download LV) (Download RU)

Proteus PEC 4850 – (Download)

Proteus PEC 7088 – (Download LV) (Download RU)

Proteus TRIO V 4 – (Download)

Sportop B1100 – (Download LV) (Download RU) (Download Sborka RU)

Sportop B 870 P – (Download LV) (Download RU)

Sportop B 890 P – (Download LV) (Download RU) (Download Sborka RU)

Elliptical Trainers

Proteus EEC 1500 – (Download)

Proteus EEC 5750 – (Download)

Proteus EEC 3088 – (Download LV) (Download RU)

Proteus TRIO E 4 – (Download)

Sportop E 820 P – (Download LV) (Download RU)

Sportop E 7000P+ – (Download LV) (Download RU)

Sportop E 450 – (Download LV) (Download RU) (Download RU)

Sportop E 5000 – (Download LV) (Download RU)

Sportop E 7000 – (Download LV) (Download RU)


Proteus PMS 7088 – (Download )

Sportop MST 8100 P – (Download LV) (Download RU)