Spirit medical treadmill MT200



MT 200




Spirit medical treadmill MT200

  • Adjustable full length handrails.
  • Low step-up height.
  • Independent incline and decline motors.
  • Bi-directional belt speeds for retro-walking.
  • True zero speed.
  • Instrumented deck for gait training.
  • Bi-lateral symmetry program.
  • Multiple display modes.

The MT200 features one speed control motor, an incline motor, and a

decline motor. Three motors together help users to achieve bi-directional

training in combination with uphill or downhill protocols. Adding more

versatility to exercise and therapy options, the parallel bars, deck height,

and belt speed acceleration are adjustable in small and precise increments.

Biofeedback is offered for clinicians to accurately assess user gait

performance. Feedback includes the symmetry index, which is particularly

outstanding for clinicians to condition users’ step and cadence. As a result,

this treadmill is ideal for pediatric exercises, neurologically impaired

patients, and other populations.


Spirit Medical Systems Group has obtained the following certifications

pertaining to product safety and overall manufacturing practice:

1. SMSG products are also listed with the FDA of the United States.

2. The ISO 13485 for the design and manufacturing of medical devices.

3. The ISO 14971 for the risk management of medical device safety.

4. The ISO 15223-1 for meeting medical device labeling requirements.

5. The RoHS requirement that comply European laws as part of their

material restrictions, waste, and recycling directives.

6. The IEC 60601-1-2 that fulfills safety standards of medical electrical


7. The CE mark and the CSA mark.





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