Nylon Rope ATX® 10 meters


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Nylon Rope ATX® 10 meters

High quality ATX ® nylon rope made of extra flexible nylon material.
The durable nylon protective casing and the steel clamping ring to the Endgriffen are a guarantee for the longevity of this quality ropes.
Furthermore, these cords are supplied as standard with a rope-Protect.

  • from extra-flexible nylon material for excellent soft wave properties
  • Tau complete with durable nylon protective casing – 10 meters with black protective cover
  • in addition with extra tear-resistant protective hose *
  • Endgriffe with steel clamping ring, which prevents detachment of the Endgriffe
  • Length of the end handle: about 250 mm, steel clamping ring approximately 33 mm wide
  • robust and durable
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor area
  • Logo Print and meter indication

Price per piece

Material / design:

  • Nylon, with black protective sleeve – Printed
  • Ø 38 mm / Length 10 meters
  • Weight / m: approximately 0.85 kilograms per meter
  • Total weight: approximately 8.5 kg

* standard protective hose with rope-Protect /

To protect the cable from abrasion / damage to the attachment / support point
of robust rubber coated textile fiber
length: approximately 60 cm
black: color
for all standard cables / ropes up to Ø 40 mm suitable




Additional information

Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 1000 × 3.8 cm

Megatec (Germany)


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