Barbarian Line – Smith Cable Rack – Complete – Plate Load







Barbarian Line – Smith Cable Rack – Complete – Plate Load

Barbarian Line – Smith-Cable Rack Plate Load – with Latzuganbau, Dip station and weight plates rack

This complete Multi-Rack from Barbarian-Line offers a small space a huge variety of exercises without sacrificing comfort and functionality!
Free dumbbell rack, Smith machine and Duo-Zugapparat, lat pulldown, dip station and weight plate storage.

The perfectly matched base stations plus add-on option grant an extensive practice range – without modification – without compromise!

– Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S –

– Quality Products Designed in Germany –

perfect functionality
no time-consuming conversion measures necessary
fast, easy and safe handling
compact design
massive thick-walled steel pipe design with 3 mm wall thicknesses
absolutely Standfest
heavy loads
highly flexible, stretch-free steel cable with plastic coating
with rubber feet, floor-saving and non-slip
Mounting options for hinge bolts (item no .: BB-90-CLIP ) offer the option of using resistance bands to train
Dumbbell recordings standard 30 mm diameter by using the optional adapter to Ø 50 mm expandable
Rack base station

Multi position free dumbbell half rack
including J-hooks with rubber protector to protect the barbell and noise reduction at weaning the dumbbell
including security Notablagen with rubber protector – 36 cm long
individually adjustable in many ways mm in height in 50 grid
with scale for reproducible positioning of the J-hooks and Notablagen
Holes for use of optional tape Pegs for training with reconditions bands

Multi press with maintenance-free 4-fold linear ball bearing, silky and smooth running property –
– Linear ball bearing guide on hardened Ø30 mm solid steel shafts
smooth-running and quiet
including additional Notablagen for maximum security

Duo Zugapparat Plate-Load
Ball-bearing swivel casters with sliding function from above and below
often adjustable in height in cm 10 grid, with scaling
Left and right independently of each other can be equipped with weights and usable
absolutely jerk-free and easy running thanks to maintenance-free sliding bearings –
– slide with integrated maintenance-free bearings
– double-sided Gleitwellenführung, all-steel
Length of the weight plates recordings about 17.5 cm
Multi-pull-up station
with various types of handle
Handle Ø 30 mm
lat cultivation

Lat pull station Plate Load saws from above and below – without rebuilding
large Streckmaß of about 157 cm from the seat surface training bench (H 45 cm) to lat bar
Draw resistance lossless 1: 1
absolutely jerk-free and easy running thanks to maintenance-free sliding bearings –
– slide with integrated maintenance-free bearings
– double-sided Gleitwellenführung, all-steel
Knee pads for Latzugübungen – 4-way height adjustable and space-saving foldable
robust and non-slip Stretchers with rubber coating for stable support in all seated rowing exercises
extra-wide, ball bearing special pulleys with V-shaped rope groove molded allow obliquely guided pull exercises
Length of the dumbbell weight recordings about 25 cm

integrated dip station
firmly mounted – up in a few seconds or foldable
Ø 20 mm thick safety locking pin
Ø 50 mm thick rubberized grips
Grip width max. 65 cm
optional deliverable Dipgürtel ( D-BELT-ATX ), can be coupled to the lat, to increase the resistance training prior

Weight plates rack shelf
10 pack chrome 30 mm dumbbell recordings as mandrels – 5 per side
, the mandrels can be screwed to your weight plates in individual intervals (14 shots per side) to the post fitting
including bumpers of rubber
Length of each mandrel 25 cm

The inner dimension (handle length) to be used barbell must be at least 125 cm be!

Recommended accessories:

The weight plate images can be expanded to Ø 50 mm internal diameter using the following adapter.
Required of adapters:

Duo Zugapparat – 4 pieces Adapter 50 mm x 180 mm plastic (Part No .: BB-OA-180-PVC )
Multi Press – 2 x adapter 50 mm x 365 mm plastic (Item No .: BB-OA-350 PVC )
Lat – 2 x adapter 50 mm x 270 mm plastic (Part No .: BB-OA-250-PVC )
Weight plates rack – 10 Adapter 50 mm x 270 mm plastic (Part No .: BB-OA-250-PVC )
Hinge bolts (Item No. BB-90-CLIP ) for training with resistance bands
Matching resistance bands (Item No. PB-L )
This and other useful accessories can be found immediately if the top right next to “Description” the selection point ” Accessories click”


Total load capacity 600 kg
multi-press max. 300 kg
J-CUPS (pair) max. 300 kg
Notablage (pair) max. 300 kg
cable max. 150 kg
pull-up station max. 250 kg

Lat cultivation
lat: 160 KG
Dip Station: 160 KG
weight plates rack: 400 KG per page

Dimensions &. weights:

Width: 123/200 cm
length / depth: 231 cm
Height: 230 cm
weight :. approximately 411 KG
Color: Jet Black – matt / chrome



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