Functional trainer Ffittech FS86


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Functional trainer Ffittech FS86

The Functional Trainer allows the users to execute various exercises at the same time and reach various body parts.
It comes with a panel ilustrating 12 different exercises for different muscle groups showing how versatile this gym equipment really is.


  Reference   FS86
  Brand   FFITTECH®
  Color   Black – Grey
  Unit Weight   402kg
  Dimensions   116 x 152 x 236cm
  Load   100kg x 2
  Adjustment Buttons   Aluminum
  Tube Thickness   3mm
  Transmission System   Steel Cable 4mm
  Type Settings   Manual Adjustment
  Powder Coated Finish   The electrostatic powder coat offers a durable, maintenance free finish
  Instructional Flip Chart   12 different exercises
  Stacks   Dual Independent
  Rod Guides   Stainless Steel
  Rubber grips and slip   Non-absorvent
  Scale Weight   Indicators in 3 colors depending on the level
  Accessories included   Long and short bar, bicep rope, ankle strap, 2x chain, 2x handle e 6x carabinator
  Covers   Front – Rear

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