Dumbbell rack ATX R3820


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Dumbbell rack ATX R3820

Length: 120 cm

  • Designed for holding 5 pairs of dumbbells.
  • It is possible to put together several dumbbell racks to hold 10, 15 and more dumbbell pairs.
  • stable dumbbell rack 2-stage, available in 3 different widths.
  • Other length options available for ordering – 90 cm 120 cm, 150 cm.
  • Barbell rack our modular system, so the two dumbbell rack carriers can individually.
    be mounted to the desired / optimal stack height.
  • Weight rests with rubberized protective overlay.
  • universally suitable for all standard dumbbells.
  • Solid steel pipe frame.
  • Soil conserving – with rubber feet.
  • to 400 kg load.
  • Colour:
    • Frame – silver
    • Pads – black
  • Furthermore are available for this dumbbell rack optional rod and weight plate holders,
    which allow an orderly and compact storage of the equipment.

Price per dumbbell rack-Komplettrack comprising 2 lateral legs and 2 dumbbell rack carriers
in your chosen width.
Please select above the desired shelf width.

Optionally available:

  • Rod holders 2x, Art.-Nr.:R-3800-D-30
    for 30mm barbell bars / right + left mountable
  • Weight plates storage mandrel, item no. R-3700-D
    for weight plates 30mm-bore / right + left mountable

Scope of delivery:

  • Delivery: 2 side posts and 2 dumbbell rack carrier
    (. Imaged accessories dumbbells, disks, rod and plate holder not included)
  • Boxed goods – disassembled, including screws
  • easy and quick assembly